The LT650-42 Lift

LiftTrac’s LT650-42 Lift

The LT650-42 Lift has a 650 lb. lifting capacity with standard vertical travel of 42” from the pick-up point. The LT650-42 Lift is equipped with a 24-volt system and ball screw drive mast. The powerful motor-gearbox combination makes easy lifting of the 650 lb. capacity with a motor brake that eliminates back drive. The LT650-42 is a strong Lift able to provide trouble-free material handling.

The vertical movement of the Lift mast is operated with the two-button remote or with buttons on the handlebars. The LT650-42 also features the quick change two-pin system for the lift attachment. The LT650-42 is available with on board battery system or a removable battery system which will allow for 24/7 use of the Lift. The LT650-42 Lift can be configured to meet your specific needs with standard and semi-custom options, some of which are listed below.

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Powerful motor gearbox combination


24-volt system & ball screw drive


Strong, trouble-free material handling