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Why Choose A LiftTrac Lift?

Lifting Solutions

We provide lifting solutions designed for your application using proven dependable designs.

Avoid Back Injury

Back injuries can occur lifting as little as 35 lbs. and medical expenses can exceed $20,000.

Two-Pin Attachment

Our two-pin attachment system allows one lift to perform multiple jobs with easy to change tooling.

Around The Clock

With the optional removable battery system, your lift can work 24/7 and always be ready for use.

Design & Customization

Our flexible design and on-site fabrication shop allows us to meet your specific handling requirements.

Built To Last

Made in the USA for over 18 years. Built tough and built to last with no maintenance.

Who is LiftTrac?

the Life of lifttrac

LiftTrac was founded over eighteen years ago with the purpose of providing quality solutions to your repetitive lifting needs.  
LiftTrac remains a family-owned and operated business whose purpose is providing quality lifting solutions for light-to-moderate weight-lifting tasks. LiftTrac will continue to provide lifting solutions to a variety of industries and locations, including, but not limited to: offices; storerooms; warehouses; production rooms; etc.  
LiftTrac lifts and attachments are manufactured in Arizona and shipped, ready-to-use, worldwide. 

LiftTrac Lifting Solutions

Superbly engineered mechanical lifts

The LT250-48, LT300-72 and LT650-42 each provide material handling through combined simplicity of operation and unique design features. LiftTrac lifts move with ease, even when fully loaded.

Versatile Interchangable lift attachments

The wide range of Lift attachments provide versatile lifting solutions to safely increase productivity.  Power supply for powered attachments is provided by the Lift itself. 

Quick two-pin release system

LiftTrac Lifts are designed with a quick two-pin release mast carriage system and interchangeable Lift attachments. One Lift can be used for a variety of applications with additional attachments.


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LiftTrac Lifting Solutions

Avoid back Injury
Versatility & around the Clock
Durable & Built To Last

Safely handle jobs, tasks or applications requiring repetitive lifting or material handling which are too heavy or awkward for safe human lifting.

Ergonomic design allows for ease of movement and precision control.

Manual operation of the Lift is conducted by a compact, easy to use two-button remote and controls mounted within the handlebars. 

Prevent back fatigue by using a platform table as a traveling workspace by locking the wheels in place and then raise/lower the platform table to a comfortable table height.  

The unique two-pin attachment system provides for a quick change of Lift attachments for varied lifting applications. One Lift, with multiple attachments can handle a variety of lifting, moving and material handling applications. Changing the attachment is quick and easy. 

Down time is eliminated by a Removable Battery Pack System option (two battery packs – 1 to charge while 1 is in operation).

Battery Charge Meter shows remaining charge on battery and signals the operator if battery change is needed avoiding unexpected interruption to the workday.

Manufactured in the USA for over eighteen years. 

Original vintage Lifts are still working in the field.

LiftTrac employees use one of the original Lifts in daily manufacturing operations.

Built to last with minimal maintenance required by the Operator.

LiftTrac Lifts are delivered assembled and ready to be placed into production. 

One year warranty on all Lifts and Lift attachments.