The LT300-72 Lift

LiftTrac’s LT300-72 Lift

The LT300-72 Lift has an ergonomic design that gives it versatility and maneuverability. The LT300-72 has a standard lifting capacity of 300 lbs. with standard vertical travel of 72” from the pick-up point. It has a compact telescoping mast which fits into tight and hard to reach areas and extends to 72” of vertical travel height. The vertical movement of the Lift mast is operated with the two-button remote or with buttons on the handlebars. Constructed with aluminum and steel, the LT300-72 is both light weight and durable.

The LT300-72 also features the quick change two-pin system for the lift attachments. The LT2300-72 is available with on board battery system or a removable battery system which will allow for 24/7 use of the Lift. The LT300-72 Lift can be configured to meet your specific needs with standard and semi-custom options, some of which are listed below.

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Configured to meet your specific needs


Compact Telescoping Mast


Constructed with Aluminum and Steel