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Powered lifting devices
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Made in America
Other Options Not Shown:
*Speed Control
*Hi-Speed Actuator
*Travel Limit Switches
*Wheel Sizes
*Base Width And Leg Style
  Can Be Customized To Your
Full Function
Remote Pendant
Up/Down Push
Buttons Located
In Handlebar Ends
Battery Charge 
Standard On-Board
Battery System
12 Volt 32 Amp
Optional Removable Battery
Pack System Allows for 24/7
Operation of lift
LT 300-72 Lift
300# Capacity
(Shown With Ball
Transfer End Effector
Reverse Legs With
Counter Balance Allows
Unobstructed Access
Low Profile Legs
2 ½” Height
Offset Legs Can Also
Be Counterbalanced
Independently Adjustable
Legs To Fit Around
Existing Equipment
Gear Motor Ball Screw  Drive
Rated At Over 1 Million Strokes
Internal Clutch-Brake-Overload
Telescopic Mast 
With 72” Of Travel
Quick Change End Effectors
For Multiple Applications
The LT300 series has a lifting capacity of 300 pounds and an ergonomic design that gives it
versatility and maneuverability.  It’s compact telescoping mast fits into tight and hard to reach
area’s and extends to reach high places.  Constructed with aluminum and steel the LT 300 is
both light weight and durable.  It can be configured to meet your specific needs with standard
and custom options, some of which are listed below on the right.
Rugged Aluminum And
Steel Construction
Position Locking Front
Wheels To Help Mobility
Locking Brake Rear Wheels
To Keep Lift in Place
Lift Trac L.L.C.  2430 S 20th St. Suite C, Phoenix, AZ 85034-6738  Sales@Lifttrac.com
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